Apollo Detector Compatibility

Posted by David Petersen on 11/30/2016 to Tech Tips
There are a lot of older Fire Alarm Controls out there that have installed with Apollo detectors, many of whom are nearing their 20th year, the detectors are getting dirty and a dirty detector is a False Alarm waiting to happen!

Gas Detection for Life Safety

Posted by Dave Petersen on 11/22/2016 to Tech Tips
We talk a lot about Smoke and Heat Detection in the fire/Life Safety world, but there are a whole lot of other hazards out there that can hurt us..

We are Evolving!!

Posted by Dave Petersen on 11/15/2016
Our Logo, like our product lines and our commitment to you is a work in process!

Cost and Application of Flame Detectors

Posted by Dave Petersen on 10/5/2016 to Tech Tips
Infrared and Ultraviolet detectors are relatively unknown devices. Between their cost (which is high) and the science behind their operation, most folks shy away from utilizing them.

Change out those old Smoke and CO Alarms

Posted by Dave Petersen on 9/13/2016 to Tech Tips
Upgrade your home, replace your old detectors with new 10 Year Lithium Battery Powered or Backed Up unit(s). Take advantage of the freedom from having to do the annual battery swap, but test them once a month, and put in an emergency evacuation plan so everyone knows how to get out if a fire happens