Company History

A New Beginning

In September 2012, TC Life Safety was sold to a group of investors who saw the potential of the online model and how it applies to the life safety industry. TC Life Safety’s value proposition was refined, and we culled our product offerings to focus less on "systems" and more on "consumables".

With two offices, shipping points across the country and a unique Vendor/Distributor relationship, TC Life Safety is focused on being the premier Life Safety Distribution point, while maintaining the Customer Service and Technical Expertise learned over 40 years.

We are committed to supplying Code Compliant products and solutions to keep our customers’ Life Safety Systems up with the evolving codes regarding Interoperability, Testing and Maintenance as mandated by the International Building Code (IBC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and State and Local Codes.

The Beginning of TC Life Safety

On January 1, 2010, Total Computing Life Safety Systems became TC Life Safety. The business moved from a sole-proprietorship to a corporation. With offices in two states and sales spanning the globe, TC Life Safety was poised to become a dominant online force in the life safety industry. We had come this far based on a 20-year track record of exceptional service, broad product offerings and competitive pricing. TC Life Safety remains committed to not only maintaining, but improving on the foundation of what's made us successful.

The Beginning of Total Computing

In late 1989, Mike Agri decided that he would start a company that would sell "microprocessor-based solutions." His focus was on integrating UPS/backup and business computing systems into new or existing life safety infrastructures. He named his business "Total Computing".

Mike left SET/Faraday in 1999 and devoted all of his time and energy to Total Computing. In 2000, his son Christopher joined the company. In between writing the software to manage the company's billing and inventory systems, Chris developed the company's first web site.

The web site was initially focused on explaining how Total Computing could help businesses upgrade older life safety systems to newer technologies without losing their investment in existing infrastructure. The site slowly evolved to showcase some of the more interesting products we were using in the field and how they integrated into other systems.

Shortly after the web site went up, we starting getting sales calls from other contractors, looking to purchase the products we were showing on the web site. As we added more products to the web site, the volume of sales inquiries increased.

We realized that the internet was an un-tapped market for the fire alarm industry, and that we were well-placed to take advantage of it. After careful research, Mike and Chris decided that an e-commerce site that catered to electricians, alarm contractors, and others in the life safety industry had the potential to not only serve the industry, but allow Mike and Chris to continue to do what they loved.

The year 2004 saw the debut of as a fully ecommerce-enabled web site. Total Computing has evolved from a service and installation company into a nationwide distributor of life safety products and systems.