SecuriTEST Pro IRE and CCTV Tester

SecuriTEST Pro IRE and CCTV Tester

Manufacturer:Ideal Industries
Manufacturer Part#:33-892
Our Part#:IL-33892
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  • Seven Essential CCTV Tools - Combines a CCTV video tester, PTZ camera controller, Digital Multi-Meter, UTP cable tester, video test pattern generator, PTZ protocol analyzer and camera programmer in a single compact package.
  • Save Time & Money - Test, aim, focus and program cameras when working alone. Save time by not having to walk back to the control center to verify functionality of each camera.
  • Compact Design - Combines all the most needed security tools in a lightweight, easy-to-carry unit. Sharp, bright 2.5in (6.3cm) color LCD screen with on-screen displays for PTZ control/diagnostics and DMM readouts.
  • PTZ Protocol Analyzer - Compatible with 20+ PTZ protocols to test and program cameras in the field. Decodes and identifies output from PTZ console to aid in troubleshooting.

SecuriTEST and SecuriTEST PRO are the most versatile all-in-one installation and troubleshooting tools for the CCTV professional.

SecuriTEST PRO adds to the already impressive capabilities of the SecuriTEST by including all the features of the original, plus IRE testing (video and sync levels), audio level testing, a high-capacity lithium ion battery in a package thats smaller and lighter than before. The SecuriTEST PRO has all the features and functionality that CCTV technicians need to install, test, and maintain analog security camera systems. SecuriTEST PRO also includes a custom carrying case (optional with the standard SecuriTEST).

Ideal SecuriTEST Pro

SecuriTEST Pro Includes:

  • SecuriTEST/SecuriTEST PRO Handheld Tester
  • 6AA Rechargeable Batteries (SecuriTEST)
  • 1 Lithium Battery Pack (SecuriTEST PRO)
  • AC Adapter/charger (110-240V input)
  • 12V Auto Charger
  • 4ft (1.2m) BNC video cable
  • DMM test leads
  • UTP cable terminator
  • Neck strap
  • Carrying case (SecuriTEST PRO)


Feature SecuriTEST PRO (33-892)
2.5" Color LCD Field Monitor Yes
PTZ Controller Yes
Real Time PTZ Protocol Analyzer Yes
PTZ Camera Programming Yes
Test Pattern Generator Yes
Digital Multi-Meter Yes
Video In & Out Ports Yes
RS-422/RS-485 In & Out Ports Yes
Video Level & Sync Test NTSC: Video level 30-150IRE, Sync 30-42IRE
PAL: Video level 200-1200mV, Sync 200-320mV
Carrying Case Included Yes
Batteries Lithium Polymer Rechargeable
Supported Protocols Pelco D, Pelco P (Spectra), Panasonic (WV-CS850), Samsung Techwin (SPD-2500), Samsung Electric (SCC-643),Honeywell Korea (ScanDome II, HSDN-251N), Hitron (Fastrak II), Kalatel ASCII (KTD-312), Sungjin (SJ100, SJ1000), Wonwoo Supermacy (DS series), Wonwoo Supermacy (WSJ series), Wonwoo (DRX Protocol, same as D-max Protocol), American Dynamics (AD RS-422), Oriental Electronic (ORX-1000), Dongwong (DV-SP360D - D-max), Dongwong (DV-255RXC - D-max), Dynacolor (DYC), Toshiba (SJ- 1000), Hitachi (SJ-100), Kalatel DIGI, VCLTP
Size - Length, Width, Height 1.6x3.7x6.7in, 4.1x9.3x16.9cm
Weight with Batteries 0.82lbs, 371g
Battery Type 1 x 3.7V LiPo, 2000mAh
Charging Cycles @ 80% capacity >300
Charging Time 3.5 Hrs
Operating Time 5.5 Hrs
Test, aim, focus and program cameras when working alone. Save time by not having to walk back to the control center to verify functionality of each camera.

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