There are a lot of older Fire Alarm Controls out there that have installed with Apollo detectors, many of whom are nearing their 20th year, the detectors are getting dirty and a dirty detector is a False Alarm waiting to happen!

TC life Safety is the only Non-Panel Manufacturer to have access to the entire Series 65 conventional devices (including bases, Duct Detectors, Plenum Detectors and all of the annunciators and test switches) and the entire XP95A and Discover Analog/Addressable lines.

Since we know the Codes and Standards as well as the UL 864 and UL 268 Requirements for product compatibility, it is imperative we have the right information for our customers' needs. With that being said, the chart below is a product of many hours of research and cooperation with Apollo's NRTL representative (NRTL = Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory like UL, FM, ETL, etc...) into the Listings and Approvals of the various products mentioned here.

Remember, use good old common sense when going into these older systems and procuring replacements for the devices connected to them.

Manufacturer Compatible Control Panels Discovery XP95A 65A Suffix:
Advanced Fire Systems Inc AX Series X X   -ADV, -ADS
AsBuilt Engineered Systems IP Fire Series X X    
Computrols Inc CSimon-AA, Csimon-AB X X    
VES Fire Detection Systems Elite Series: VF1460, VF1480 X X   -VES
  Elite CP (Conventional)     X  
Firecom Inc Life Safety Net 2000 X X   -FIR
Gamewell-FCI S3 Series (w/Apollo Loop)   X   -GAM
  IdentiFlex 602 (IF602)   X  
  ILI95-E3   X  
Harrington Signal Co. Tracker   X X -HAR
Mircom FX-2000     X -MIR
  FX-350   X  
  FR-320     X
  FA-300     X
  FA-1000 & FA-100   X  
  FA-262 / 265     X
Summit SFC-500   X   -SUM
  SFC-100     X
  SFC-200     X
  SFC-300     X
  SFC-500   X  

Thank you for your interest and don't forget, if you have a question, please call us at 800-837-8175!