Though mandated over a year ago, it is estimated that only 1 in 10 residential homes in the state of California have carbon monoxide detectors installed in them. Known as the “silent killer” because it is odorless and colorless - carbon monoxide poisoning is responsible for nearly 500 deaths each year and approximately 20,000 emergency room visits.

Effective January 1, 2013 carbon monoxide detectors will also be required in multi-unit residences such as apartments and condominiums in California.

It is recommended that one unit be installed on every floor of a residence, as well as outside each sleeping area.

Though this is a relatively new law to the state of California, there are several states which have already adopted similar, and in some cases more stringent CO requirements. Because of this, there are already many appropriately listed and approved devices on the market that will conform to these requirements.

41 of the 50 US states have CO mandates on the books. Below are some resources to learn more about legislation in your state:

Click the image of the Map to view the CO Legislative Map, or click the Video to watch the ABC 7 Special on CO Legislation
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TC Life Safety offers CO detectors for a wide range of applications:

Approved CO Devices for Residential Applications: 120VAC hardwired and Plug-in

Approved CO Device(s) for Residential Applications: Battery Operated

Approved Combination Smoke / CO Devices for Residential Applications: 120VAC and Battery Operated

Approved CO Devices for connection to UL Listed Fire Alarm or Burglar Panel in an office or residential applications

Approved CO Devices for commercial/industrial applications

Approved CO Devices for Duct Applications