Infrared and Ultraviolet detectors are relatively unknown devices. Between their cost (which is high) and the science behind their operation, most folks shy away from utilizing them.

So let's talk about the two aspects of these devices.

First is the cost, relatively speaking a Smoke Detector is under $100.00, Heat Detectors are under $50.00, Duct Detectors around $150.00 and good Flame Detector is between $850.00 to $3000.00 (depending on type and if it is Explosion Proof or Intrinsically Safe). But, one only needs to see what these devices are protecting to see the value.

  • Oil Tank Farms
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Factories that use flammable gasses or solvents
  • Grain Silos where the dust can be explosive
  • Mines

The list is long and the consequences vast if one of these facilities goes up in a ball of flame. So the price is not so out of reach that one would forego protection.

Next is the science.

As industry professionals we do not need to be physicists to understand the workings of a Photo Electric Smoke Detector as opposed to an Ionization Smoke Detector, we have learned to recognize the types of fire signatures each detector excels in and we apply them in the correct fashion. It is the same with UV and IR Detectors, there is enough literature to help with the proper choice of detector based on the fire signature expected for you to make a well-educated and correct decision. For instance, TC Life Safety, Inc. carries the Talentum Line of UV, IR and UV/IR Detectors. It is a fairly large line of devices which includes Single, Dual and Triple IR Devices, Explosion Proof Housings and Intrinsically Safe devices. FFE, the manufacturer has developed a simple flow chart to get you on your way to deciding on the proper detector for the application. This can be found here:

On the outside chance that your application does not fit into the flow chart, there is our phone number: 1-800-837-8175, we can take your information and run with it to assure you have the proper device for the application at hand.

SO please, view our Tech Tip Video embedded in this blog, go to the website and search for "Flame Detector" and check out the line of Talentum, and don't forget, beneath the Photo on every product page is a dark Blue Tab marked "Documents" this holds the Data Sheet for each device on that page!

And have a Life Safety Day!