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Space Age Electronics Code Compliance Kit
Space Age Electronics Code Compliance Kit

Space Age Electronics Code Compliance Kit

Manufacturer:Space Age Electronics
Manufacturer Part#:SAECCK
Our Part#:SAECCK
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Space Age Electronics





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Kit Contains:

SSU00691 - SDB System Document Box – Red – QTY 1
  • System Document Box a cost-effective answer for those looking for a durable, code-compliant enclosure to ensure mandated records are maintained at the fire alarm control unit location. Every durable box is fabricated from 20 gauge steel with a powder coat finish and features a formed lift-a-way hinge. Also included is a Velcro strap and inside edge to keep important documents secure.

SSU52020–IRF Inspection Record Frame - QTY 1
  • The location of all system records is now required Per NFPA 72 (2013) 7.7.2. The IRF is designed to help you comply by prominently and professionally displaying the sign-off records and/or the location of all system record documents. The frame was designed using a RED powder coat and a durable Lexan window to compliment professional code-compliant installation. Mounting may be horizontal or vertical with included hardware, or aggressive adhesive strips on the back may be used to effectively mount the frame to any cabinet or enclosure where screws are not practical. It is a perfect complement to the SYSTEM RECORD DOCUMENTS box (SSU00691) to facilitate a total document solution.

E120V-GT –Surge Protection Device - QTY 1
  • An ideal choice for your 120VAC applications, the E120V-GT maintains system integrity and protects against transients introduced into electrical lines via poor atmospheric and utility conditions as well as internally generated inductive loads. Not only is the E-120V-GT robust enough to absorb a spike, but to also clamp long enough to trip the branch circuit breaker and still be functional for additional surges. Reduce downtime associated with power surges and lightning strikes, prevent interruption of recurring monthly revenue based systems, and eliminate non-billable service calls and expensive repairs by protecting your equipment with this invaluable device.

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