TC Life Safety is thrilled to announce the availability of International Shipping for our overseas customers.

Over the last year, we've been searching for just the right solution to serve our international audience. We had 5 main criteria we were looking for:

  1. We wanted our customers to be able to pay for their orders using their native payment options, in their native currency.
  2. We wanted to ensure that customs paperwork would be filled out accurately and completely.
  3. We wanted to give our customers the ability to know what their “landed” cost was before finalizing their order.
  4. We wanted to keep shipping costs down for our customers.
  5. We wanted our customers to be able to talk to a person about their order in their own language.

I'm pleased to report that we found a solution that not only met our criteria, but exceeded them!

TC Life Safety has partnered with Bongo International to fulfill our international shipments. Here is what you can expect when you buy from TC Life Safety and choose to ship internationally:

  • Checkout localized in 16 languages
  • Supports over 90 payment options in over 187 currencies
  • Multi-Lingual Customer Service
  • Billing the full Landed Cost at checkout, eliminating duty and tax surprises upon delivery
    • Ability to prepay duty tax in 101 countries worldwide
  • Delivery in less than a week to most locations
  • Removal of any items that are banned due to export compliance or import compliance issues

To ship your order internationally, simply add the products you want to purchase to your shopping cart and click the International Checkout button to begin.

International checkout