Our Logo, like our product lines and our commitment to you is a work in process!

Several months ago I announced that we were changing our Logo to reflect who we were as opposed to where we came from. And we got quite a few comments in the positive and we thank everyone for letting us know we are meeting or as our new logo says Overdelivering on our Products, our Pricing, our Service and your Expectations.

But that was not enough, we are continueously striving to be more to you so we have changed our logo again!

We still Overdeliver, but we felt that the tag lines needed to be a better reflection of what we offer.

  • First of all we retained our commitment to Overdeliver your Expectations, to be more than just another On-Line Store, we hope to surprise you now and then by being something more.
  • We also kept our promise to Overdeliver on Service, We want you to depend on us for always answering the phone with a smile and meeting your needs every time you call or place an order.
  • Products has been replaced with Quality, because we are not just selling you parts and pieces, we are selling you the complete experience and Quality really says what we are trying to accomplish in everything we do.
  • Pricing has been replaced with Knowledge, having the best price isn't always what sells the product. Being knowledgeable in it's operation, application, compliance to codes and standards and being able to steer folks away from doing the job incorrectly matters more. We are very proud of our years of industry knowledge and offer that all to you every day.

So please, come and celebrate with us our new, new logo, our re-commitment to you all that we will always Overdeliver!