A bit of a departure from my usual technical stuff.

Today I want to talk about the changes TC LifeSafety has gone through in the last few years and what I think our future is looking like.

When I came here it was with some trepidation as my history had been in Manufacturing and then in the Service and Distribution, all in the Fire Alarm field. Coming into a situation where I would be talking to "Endusers" and "the Public" were new to me as I had only dealt with Distributors and Contractors in the past.

What I have come to find out is that my fears of dealing in this new arena were unfounded. I have always strived to create relationships with my customers, my belief has always been that we were in a people business and I thought maybe that would not count so much in this new "On-Line" world.

Wow was I wrong...

Personal relationships with your customers are ten times more important in an On-Line business. People are naturally distrusting of On-Line transactions becuase of horror stories of credit card fraud, non-existent or difficult to reach customer support or support that is handled in another country by folks who have no understanding of the products or services they are representing...

In the past 3+ years I have had some of the most fulfilling conversations, spoken to a huge number of excellent folks and I have to say, I have had one hell of a satisfying time helping and supporting our customers.

So now it comes to me that we need to expand our reach, to extol our virtues and to let the world know that we are not just a supplier of the finest Fire and Life Safety product and that our Mission is to supply the best, code compliant products on the market, but also that we are first and foremost a people company.

It doesn't matter if you are a Senior citizen looking for information on buying a Barking Dog Alarm or the Facilities Manager for a major University getting ready to replace 500 detectors in your dorms, to us you are Joe or Mary or Bill or Alice, you are an individual with a need and we will pull out all the stops to see that need through to the very end. Sure your needs may be different, certainly in scale and magnitude, but the one-on-one is the same. It is you and I on the phone getting it done.

So we have changed our logo a bit, gone is the by-line of what we have been. We replaced it with a word describing who we are now and always will be, a word that describes the driving force behind the mind that answers the phone "TC LifeSafety, can I help you?".

That word is "Overdeliver"!

Be it Product, Information, Pricing and Delivery, Technical Support or Warranty related, our drive is to not meet but to beat your expectations of what our On-Line business is.

Our pledge to you is that we will Overdeliver and Overdeliver and Overdeliver...

In the last year we have been honored to have been given access to the Kidde line of Residential Smoke alarms including their 10 year Lithium devices, we are also carrying their full line of Fire Extinguishers both Disposable and Re-Chargeable. We brought in FireAvert, a unit that plugs in the wall between your electric stove and the wall socket and listens for the sound of your smoke alarms then disconnects power to your stove, a leading cause of household fires in the US. And we are not stopping there. We have many more product offerings on the horizon. We are always trying to Overdeliver and to be your go to place for Fire and Life Safety supplies.

So give us a try, check out www.tclifesafety.com, or better yet give us a call at 800-837-8175 and see what Overdeliver feels like...

So from Yvette, Vicky and I, we are looking forward to the conversation:

Have a LifeSafety Day!