Altronix FIRESWITCH108, 4 Class A, 8 Class B, 24VDC @ 10A, LCD and Network Connection for Programming and Status Monitoring

Altronix FIRESWITCH108, 4 Class A, 8 Class B, 24VDC @ 10A, LCD and Network Connection for Programming and Status Monitoring

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  • Power input: 120VAC 60Hz, 4.8A.
  • Two (2) Class A or two (2) Class B FACP inputs.
  • Two (2) configurable inputs trigger via Class A or Class B FACP signal circuits(polarity reversal) or dry contacts.
  • 24VDC voltage regulated power-limited NAC outputs
  • Output power: 10A. max. total alarm current. 7A. max.stand-by without battery back-up. 1A. with battery back-up including dedicated Aux. output. For Canadian applications Stand-by with battery backup is limited to 0.45A.
  • 2.5A. max current per output.
  • One (1) auxiliary output rated at 1A. (regulated, battery backed up). 0.45A. for Canadian applications.
  • Any NAC can be configured as an Aux. output with or without battery back-up (special application only). When set as Aux. output, the output is not supervised.
  • Programmable supervised indicating circuit outputs: Eight (8) Class B or Four (4) Class A, or any combination of Class A and Class B circuits.
  • Thermal and short circuit protection with auto reset.
  • Battery Backup (See datapage for more information)
  • Supervision (See datapage for more information)
  • Programmable LCD display interface.
  • EOL resistor value is programmable by output.
  • Ethernet port interface for remote programmability and monitoring.
  • 2-wire horn/strobe Sync mode allows audible notification appliances (horns) to be silenced while visual notification appliances (strobes) continue to operate.
  • Sync protocols include Potter, Gentex®, System Sensor® , and CooperWheelock®.
  • Temporal Code 3, Steady Mode, Input to Output Follower Mode (maintains synchronization of notification appliances circuit).
  • Compatible with 12VDC or 24VDC fire panels.
  • Output loop supervision directed to input 1 or input 2.
  • Common trouble Dry N.C. output for reporting trouble to remote FACP.

The Altronix FireSwitch108 is a cost effective managed NAC Power Extender. It interfaces with 12 or 24VDC Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP) to provide Notification Appliance Circuit expansion support, for additional horns/strobes to allow ADA compliancy. It also provides auxiliary power to support system accessories. It delivers electronically regulated and filtered 24VDC power to Class B or Class ANAC loop circuits. Additionally, a separate 1A. auxiliary output for 4-wire smoke detectors is available. Alarm current can be divided between the eight (8) outputs for powering NAC devices. Outputs are rated at 2.5A. max., and can be independently programmed for Steady, Temporal Code 3 or Strobe Synchronization. All outputs may be programmed for Input to Output Follower Mode (output will follow input. i.e. March Time Input, March Time Output). In non-alarm condition independent loop supervision for Class A and/or Class B FACP NAC circuits is provided. In the event of a loop trouble, the FACP will be notified via the steered input (input 1 or input 2). In addition, there are common trouble output terminals [NC, C, NO] which are used to indicate general loop/system trouble. Two (2) FACP signaling outputs can be employed and directed to control supervision and power delivery to any combination of the eight (8) outputs. It provides a programmable LCD display interface*, plus an ethernet port interface for remote programmability and monitoring.

*LCD display - Indicates troubles and conditions of operation. Trouble Condition Memory facilitates quick identification of an intermittent/fault (short circuit, open or ground) which has previously occurred on one or more signaling circuit outputs. LCD displays which output the fault has occurred on.

Altronix FIRESWITCH108 is a cost effective managed NAC Power Extender.

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