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NFPA 241 and the Facility Manager

Posted by David Petersen on 4/17/2019 to Tech Tips
I had been doing some research, re-reading the code and looking at what my peers have been writing regarding the steps needed to comply with NFPA 241 "Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations for this Blog when another construction disaster struck… and this was a big one… 

April 15th, 2019. The day that the Cathedral of Notre Dame burned in Paris, France. 

Here I was knee deep in NFPA 241 and boom… And like most folks I was horrified when I heard that this 800+ year old symbol of Paris, an exquisite example of Medieval Gothic Architecture and Religious Icon was in flames... 

Then I turned on the live feed and saw the staging on the roof... 

How often do you inspect your Fire Extinguishers?

Posted by David Petersen on 3/30/2018 to Tech Tips
How many FMs out there are properly monitoring and maintaining Fire Extinguishers? From small Apartment Buildings and local Schools to large Hospital, College and University Campuses, fire extinguishers are a necessary and Code mandated part of your building(s) Life Safety commitment to the building's occupants.

Residential Fire Facts for the End of 2016

Posted by David Petersen on 2/17/2017 to Tech Tips
Just a brief review of the year that was 2016. We have so much more work to do to save more people. Over 2000 deaths is way too many considering the technology and the low cost of detection.

Apollo Detector Compatibility

Posted by David Petersen on 11/30/2016 to Tech Tips
There are a lot of older Fire Alarm Controls out there that have been installed with Apollo detectors, many of whom are nearing their 20th year. The detectors are getting dirty and a dirty detector is a False Alarm waiting to happen!

Gas Detection for Life Safety

Posted by Dave Petersen on 11/22/2016 to Tech Tips
We talk a lot about Smoke and Heat Detection in the fire/Life Safety world, but there are a whole lot of other hazards out there that can hurt us..
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