NEMA Training Guides, the Key to Understanding the Codes.

Allow me to take a step back from the Facts, Figures, Codes and Standards of the Fire Alarm Industry and take you back 36 years, for just a moment or two. It was February 27th, 8 AM in 1978 when I first walked into the manufacturing plant at Fire Control Instruments, Inc. on California St. in Newton, Massachusetts. It was a small, single story building behind Kings Department Store nestled in next to the Charles River which formed the border between Newton and Watertown.

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Understanding the Heartbleed Bug

By now, you've probably heard a lot about the recent Heartbleed Bug. It's been covered in newspapers, new shows, and online in every form imaginable.

The technology behind the Heartbleed vulnerability and how it affects everyday web users, and not just IT admins, may be difficult to understand. This post is meant to be a broad overview of the Heartbleed bug and how it may affect you.

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How to Choose the Right Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is in the news. Earlier this winter, there were a couple of schools that were evacuated because of high levels of Carbon Monoxide. Recently, here in New England we lost 3 of 4 members of a local family, a manager of a Legal Seafood restaurant and we had the evacuation of a hotel because of high Carbon Monoxide coming from their kitchens.

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Document Requirements for Fire Alarm and Integrated Systems

In a previous blog post, "Evolution of Fire Alarm, Software Driven Systems" I took you for a brief stroll through the history of software based fire alarm and the evolution of the documentation and revision control that occurred. Today, documentation is more and more important because we are integrating systems, and knowing the current version of hardware, firmware and software of our fire alarm system is only a small piece of the puzzle.
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Where Should I Install My Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector?

In my position as Tech/Customer Support here at TC Life Safety, I get this question a lot. And since we are dealing with Life Safety, I don't want to just give you my opinion without backing it up with the science of the issue.

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