Personal Protection for our First Responders

In a few past Blogs, we have discussed the application of Carbon Monoxide Detectors as well as the best practices in buying the detector you need.

We haven't spoken about what happens after the detector is in and the unthinkable happens, it goes off. Well, some say to stay inside and open all the windows while others say to evacuate the premise. I prefer the latter to the former, you can't become overcome in the great outdoors...

So now what? The Fire Department comes and may determine that the furnace was the cause of the CO and they find the Emergency Shut Off Switch all homes are supposed to have, open the windows and advise you to call your Heating Company. The Furnace Tech arrives and goes to work troubleshooting your system and making repairs.

Question #1: Can we protect the Fire Fighters and that lonely Furnace Tech from the deadly CO your heating system is spewing out?

Another toxic gas is Hydrogen Sulfide, it is that rotten egg smell you get from sewer, swamp and manure gas. It is mostly due to the breakdown of human waste that leaches into our homes from faulty septic systems or industrial activities such as Paper Mills and Tanneries. Hydrogen Sulfide is not odorless like Carbon Monoxide, but is very explosive and at high concentrations is absorbed thru the lungs very rapidly killing quickly. You don't need a detector for this gas, the stench will drive you from our house, but it is that poor plumber that responds to your call who needs to be warned as levels of this nasty gas reach lethal levels while he is trying to remedy your problem.

Question # 2: Is there such a method of protection for these intrepid individuals?

Last on our list is not so much a toxic gas, but one that is highly flammable. Oxygen! Hospitals, Assisted Living and homes with the ill or infirmed have bottled Oxygen or Oxygen makers on site. Tanks of Oxygen are seen where metal cutting is performed with Oxy-Acetylene torches are used in construction and metal fabrication. As concentrations of Oxygen rise the danger of a spark, cigarette or pilot setting off an explosion increases dramatically.

Question # 3: Is there a way to measure the levels of Oxygen to help protect the men and women exposed to this dangerous gas?

The answer to all three of these questions is YES.

Our friends at Aerionics, owners of Macurco Gas Detection, have just released three new Personal Protection Monitors. The MA-CM-1 for Carbon Monoxide, the MA-HS-1 for Hydrogen Sulfide and the MA-OX-1 for Oxygen.

These Battery operated devices last a span of 2 years with regular use. Never needs recharging and can be thrown away after their lifespan is completed. They are priced to be very competitive.

Now we can give the Fire, Police, EMS and Tradesmen instantaneous warning of increased levels of these three dangerous gases in the area they are working in and save the lives of our valued First Responders. Check out our selection of these Personal Protection Devices at

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