What is happening with the Gentex parts on your Website Dave? You’re not stocking them anymore?

I have gotten this question a couple of times now and we need to address it for all to understand. We have not changed our relationship with Gentex at all; in fact, they are an integral part of our success and are one of our elite "V1 Vendors".

They have decided to update their product line to conform to the current Fire Alarm Codes. There are parts of their product line that don’t follow today’s more advanced applications, nor do they comply with current codes. I am talking about the 7000 Series Single Station 120 and 220 VAC detectors and parts of the 9000 Series.


Gentex has announced the deletion of all detectors by the end of business July 31, 2015. As of the writing of this notice, only the 7100, 7100F, 9120 and 9120F remain, all others are gone.

Please read on to find out your options...

The 7000 Series of detectors have been favorites for many years. However, most state building codes now require that 120/220 VAC "Hard Wired" detectors have a built-in battery stand-by in case of power failure. The 7000 Series detectors do not have any battery stand-by. The 7000 Series also rings its sounder as a steady loud noise for as long as there is smoke in the chamber. The National Fire Codes have specified a coded "3" pulsed signal as the "standard fire alarm used to notify building occupants of the need to evacuate". These products include the 710, 713, 7100 and the 7103 lines. They are no longer being stocked and have limited availability as they bought enough raw stock to produce a limited number of these units.

The 9000 Series is split in half, the 9120 line has the battery stand-by, but it does not have the distinctive Coded "3" "Temporal Pattern" that the new codes mandate. So the 9120 and 9220 lines in the 9000 Series are no longer in stock and have limited availability too.

So what does this mean to you folks that have one of these soon to be disappearing lines in your home or office? Actually nothing…

Let’s take a look at the homeowner who has a house full of 7100 detectors. His detectors are 120 VAC units that are interconnected so when one detects smoke, they all sound in that loud obnoxious steady tone telling you to get to safety. Now he has a failure, while testing his detectors one of them will no longer sound or go into alarm and the 7100s are no longer available. He has the option of replacing the 7100 with a 9123. The 9123 is a 120 VAC unit that can wire to the to the 7100s in the house and will wire into them so that if any of the 7100s go into alarm, the 9123 will sound and if the 9123 goes into alarm the 7100s will sound. The difference is that the 9123 will sound with the coded "3" signal while the 7100s will be the steady output and if there is a loss of power in the house, the 9123 alone will work while the 7100s will shut off because of their lack of a stand-by battery.

The same holds true through the entire product line, a 7100F can be replaced with a 9123F and a 9120H can be replaced with a 9123H. The following is a spreadsheet of the entire product series’ and the replacements. Basically, if you have a product that is in the non- highlighted section, you can replace it with a unit in the yellow section to the right of your part number. For example the first section contains models 710, 713, 7100, 7103 and 9120 and to their immediate right is the yellow highlighted replacement model 9123.

Discontinued PartReplacement Part   Discontinued PartReplacement Part   Discontinued PartReplacement Part
7109123   710CS-C7139CS-C   8100P8103P
713 713CS-C 8100PT8103PT
7100 7109CS-C 8100PH8103PH
7103 710CSX-C 8100PY8103PY
9120 713CSX-C 8100PTY8103PTY
   7109CSX-C 8100PHY8103PHY
710T9123T    8240P8243P
713T 710LS7139LS 8240PT8243PT
7100T 713LS 8240PH8243PH
7103T 7109LS 8240PY8243PY
9120T    8240PTY8243PTY
   72009223 8240PHY8243PHY
710H9123H 7203   
713H 9220   
7103H 7200T9223T   
9120H 7203T   
713F 7200H9223H   
7100F 7203H   
7103F 9220H   
710TF9123TF 7203F   
713TF 9220F   
7103TF 7200TF9223TF   
9120TF 7203TF   
713HF 7200HF9223HF   
7100HF 7203HF   
7103HF 9220HF   
713CS-W GN-200GN-300   
7109CS-W GN-203GN-303   

As always, you can call us at 800-837-8175 for assistance.