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Fireray 0400-01, Remote Test Station for Fireray 50R/100R

Fireray 0400-01, Remote Test Station for Fireray 50R/100R

Manufacturer Part#:FE-0400-01
Our Part#:FE-0400-01
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Product Type:Accessory


  • Compatible with either 50RU or 100RU
  • Single Gang Stainless Steel Wall Plate
  • 7" Pigtail Leads
  • Includes Data Link Cable Assembly
  • Allows Low Level Testing of Reflective Beam Detectors
  • Approvals: UL,ULC, MEA, CSFM


By a simple key operation the Remote Test Switch is able to test the alarm function of the Fireray 50RU or 100RU Reflective Beam Smoke Detectors at ground level. Initiating the process will start the green LED periodically flashing, indicating that the Fireray 50RU or 100RU Reflective Beam test is "Live", and the 2 wire "Data Link"cable has been correctly installed.

The green LED will continue to flash during the entire time that the key is in the "Test" position. While the green LED is flashing, the detector will automatically begin a test sequence that will result in the Fireray 50RU or 100RU Reflective Beam "electronically: simulating an "Alarm" condition.

When this condition is reached, the "Alarm" contact on the detector will be toggled, which will be indicated by the Red LED being illuminated on the Fireray 50RU or 100RU detector. This will in turn illuminate the Red LED on the LLC Remote Test Switch and also create an "Alarm" on the main Fire Panel. Should the LLC Remote Test Switch remain in "Test" mode for longer than 20 seconds, the Fireray Reflective Beam Detector will automatically revert back to normal operating mode. The Red "Alarm" LED on the LLC will remain illuminated until the Key has been turned to the "Run" position.


  • UL Listed
  • ULC Listed
  • MEA 76-04-E
  • CSFM 7300-1508:103

Electrical Specification

Operating Voltage 10.2 to 30 VDC
Standby Current 0mA @ 24VDC
Alarm Current 8 mA @ 24 VDC
Temperature Rating 32°F to 100°F (0°C to 38°C).
Relative Humidity 10% to 93% RH noncondensing
Weight 6 oz. (170.1g)
The FE-0400-01 is a Low Level Test Unit with keyswitch for use ONLY with UL models of FIRERAY 50R/100R. Includes Data Link Cable.

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