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FFE 16221,  Talentum UV / IR2 Flame Detector - Flameproof (Exd), High Ambient Temperatures
FFE 16221, Talentum UV / IR2 Flame Detector - Flameproof (Exd), High Ambient Temperatures

FFE 16221, Talentum UV / IR2 Flame Detector - Flameproof (Exd), High Ambient Temperatures

Manufacturer Part#:16221
Our Part#:16221
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Product Type:Flame Detector|System Type:Conventional|Input Voltage:24VDC|Connection Type:System|Intended Use:Commercial/Industrial|Battery Backup:No|Interconnect:No|Category:UV / IR2

12 week lead time to ship due to a supply shortage


  • Excellent immunity to false sources
  • Tolerant of fumes, vapours, dust and mist
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Unaffected by convection currents, draughts or wind
  • Proven response to multiple fuel types
  • Multi-spectrum detection


The Talentum® flameproof Ultra-Violet, dual Infra-Red (UV/IR² ) Flame Detector is designed to protect hazardous areas where open fires may be expected and detects almost all flames, including hydrocarbon fires with 4.3 m emissions through to invisible fires such as hydrogen.

The UV/IR² Flame Detector is sensitive to flickering, low frequency (1-15Hz) infra-red radiation emitted by flames during combustion.

This detector has a UV sensor and two IR sensors which respond to different wavelengths of both the ultra-violet and the infra-red spectrum. The signals from these sensors are processed by the detector and checked for characteristics of a flame. The simultaneous detection of both the UV and the IR light by the sensors will signal an alarm. False alarms from flickering sunlight, arc welding and lightning are eliminated by a combination of UV and dual IR signal processing techniques.

The Talentum® IR2 detector has selectable output options of relay contacts or 4-20mA signal, as standard.


Supply Voltage 14 to 30Vdc
Housing Material Copper Free Aluminium Alloy
Dimensions 5.91in H x 5.75in W x 5.39in D
Relay Outputs - Programmable Normally Open or Normally Closed, Latching or Non-latching
Range - Class 1
Range - Class 3

0.1m² n-heptane at 25m
0.1m² n-heptane at 12m
Field of View 90° min. Cone
Operating Wavelength
Band - UV
Band - IR

185 to 260nm
1.0 to 2.7?m

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