FFE Talentum 16580, Single IR Rear Viewing Flame and Spark Detector for Bayonet Mounting

FFE Talentum 16580, Single IR Rear Viewing Flame and Spark Detector for Bayonet Mounting

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Our Part#:FE-16580
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Product Type:Flame Detector|System Type:Conventional|Input Voltage:24VDC|Connection Type:System|Intended Use:Commercial/Industrial|Battery Backup:No|Interconnect:No|Category:Single IR

1 week lead time to ship


  • Fast response time for enclosed and dark areas
  • High Sensitivity to Embers
  • Selectable Output Options; Conventional 2 wire, 4-20mA, Relay Contacts (Fire/Fault, Pre-alarm - Latching or Non-latching)
  • Selectable Response Speed
  • Remote Control Self Test
  • Low Power Consumption


The Talentum® Single Infra-Red (IR) Spark Detector responds to low frequency (1 to 15 Hz.) flickering IR radiation emitted from sparks and other hot objects during combustion.

IR flame flicker techniques enable the sensor to operate through a layer of oil, dust, water vapour, or ice.

Most IR spark sensors respond to 4.3?m light, emitted by hydrocarbons. By responding to 1.0 to 3.0?m light emitted by sparks, early stage fires can be rapidly detected.

The single IR photoelectric detector responds to IR wavelengths, emitted from glowing embers and sparks and is ideal for these applications.

The combination of filters and signal processing allows the sensor to be used without risk of false alarms on dark machinery and ductwork.


Supply Voltage 14 to 28Vdc
Housing Material Die Cast Zinc Alloy (ZA12)
Dimensions 5.59in H x 4.25in W x 5.63in D
Relay Outputs - Programmable Normally Open or Normally Closed, Latching or Non-latching
Operating Wavelength
Band - IR
1.0 to 3.0?m
The FFE Talentum single IR rear viewing flame and spark detector for bayonet mounting

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