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Fire-Lite IPDACT-2UD IP Digital Alarm Communicator w/Modem Daughter Board
Fire-Lite IPDACT-2UD IP Digital Alarm Communicator w/Modem Daughter Board

Fire-Lite IPDACT-2UD IP Digital Alarm Communicator w/Modem Daughter Board

Manufacturer:Fire-Lite Alarms
Manufacturer Part#:IPDACT-2UD
Our Part#:IPDACT-2UD
Stock Status: Fire-Lite Alarms
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Fire-Lite Alarms







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Note: The IPDACT-2/2UD unit is compatible with the following fire alarm panels: MS-5024UD, MS-5210UD, MS-9200UD, MS9200UDLS, MS-9600 (with optional DACT-UD), MS9600UDLS or MS-9600LS (with optional DACT-UD), MS-5UD, MS-10UD, and MS-9050UD.

The Fire-Watch™ series of IP Communicators from Fire-Lite Alarms are designed to transmit fire alarm system information to central monitoring stations over any standard IP network. They connect to a Fire Alarm control panel’s standard telephone ports with no changes required to the panel’s existing configuration. These communicators offer exclusive upload/download capabilities, 512-bit encryption for added security, and a reliable connection to an off-site central station monitoring facility.

IPDACT-2/2UD Features and Benefits
  • Listed to UL Standard 864, Ninth Edition when used with Fire-Lite UL 864 Ninth Edition-listed panels.
  • Eliminates the cost of two dedicated phone lines. Only the customer’s shared IP equipment is required.
  • Can use newer low-cost, non-analog, digital telephone services such as cable or fiber optics.
  • Increases connection supervision to the central station from the once-a-day test signal to once every 30 - 90 seconds.
  • Requires no change to the existing panel configuration. The IP Communicator connects directly to the primary and secondary analog panel telephone ports.
  • Fast alarm transmission (less than 10 second transmission time).
  • Works over any type of customer-provided Ethernet 10/100 Base network connection (LAN or WAN), DSL modem or cable modem.
  • Data transmits over standard contact-ID protocol but is secured with the industry’s highest level of encryption (AES 512 bit).
  • Supports both dynamic (DHCP) or Public and Private Static IP addresses.
The benefit to this type of signaling is that it is always on, thereby increasing the security and supervision of the central station connection from once every 24 hours for a supervisory test signal to once every 90 seconds.

The IPDACT-2UD model allows a programmer to upload & download data between the user's PC and a supported fire alarm panel. The panel &PC can be anywhere on the worldwide web, or within a corporate intranet.

The user’s computer runs a program called UDPORT.exe to capture the modem signals from Fire Lite's PK-PLUS or the newer PS-TOOLS panel programming software. In UDPORT.exe the user enters the main IP address of the VisorALARM receiver, the UDP port to use, username, and password. Instead of using the PC’s modem, this process allows communication to happen between the IPDACT-2UD’s modem at the panel and the panel’s own modem. The benefit is that while speed is still limited to the baud rate of the panel's modem, panel communications are now 100% digital over IP from the remote program PC all the way to the remote panel installation. This eliminates any dropouts in modem communications caused by noise or other factors. If an alarm should occur during upload or download, the panel is able to interrupt modem communications immediately and transmit the alarm to the central station.

Each IPDACT-2UD is registered in the VisorALARM with a unique serial number. A subscriber number must be entered into the subscriber number database field for each IPDACT2UD. This same number is entered into the subscriber telephone number field (panel to call) in PK-PLUS or PS-TOOLS as if calling the panel on a telephone. If these numbers match, and the master username and password are correct, full-duplex communication is permitted to the panel.

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