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Gentex 9223T, P/E Smoke Detector, 220VAC w/Temporal 3, Integral 135-deg(f) Heat, 9V Backup
Gentex 9223T, P/E Smoke Detector, 220VAC w/Temporal 3, Integral 135-deg(f) Heat, 9V Backup

Gentex 9223T, P/E Smoke Detector, 220VAC w/Temporal 3, Integral 135-deg(f) Heat, 9V Backup

Manufacturer Part#:917-0033-002
Our Part#:917-0033-002
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Feature 5


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Product Type:Combination Detector|Input Voltage:220VAC|Detection Type:Photoelectric + Heat|Connection Type:Hardwired|Intended Use:Residential,Commercial|Battery Backup:Yes|Interconnect:Yes


  • Available in 120VAC and 220VAC with 9VDC Battery Back-Up (Battery Included)
  • Horn Frequency 3100Hz (Nominal)
  • Nominal 2.5% Sensitivity
  • Patented Three Position Test Switch
  • On-Site Maintenance Washing Program
  • Relays operate on battery back-up
  • Quick-Disconnect Wiring Harness
  • 90dBA Solid-State Piezo Horn
  • Temporal 3 Evacuation Sounding Device (9223 Series)
  • 5-to-1 Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Pulsing LED Sensing Chamber
  • Fully Insect Screened
  • Red LED pulses every 30 seconds, green LED for AC power on
  • Mounting Hardware Adapts to Standard Junction Boxes
  • Dust Cover to Prevent Contamination During Installation
  • Low or Missing Battery Indicator


The 9000/9003 Series of photoelectric smoke alarms is designed for residential applications and commercia/residential, including homes, apartments, hospitals, hotels and motels, in compliance with UL 217, applicable IBC/IFC Standards and NFPA 72.

Available in many different models, the 9120/9123 Series is engineered to virtually eliminate nuisance alarms and deliver outstanding performance wherever reliable fire protection is required. The 9000/9003 Series is provided with a 9 VDC alkaline battery for backup in the event building power is lost. The battery impedance is verified and the detector provides a low or missing battery warning.

The Gentex 9000/9003 Series provides an exclusive patented three position test feature that simulates a 0.85% and 3.5% actual smoke condition in full compliance with NFPA 72 and UL Standards.

Options include self-restoring 135°F integral or isolated heat thermals and Form A/Form C dry contacts for remote annunciation.Tandem interconnection of up to 12 units is available on several models; tandem interconnection of up to 6 units is available on "F"models, which activate the dry contacts from a remote alarm through the tandem wire or a local alarm.

The 9003 Series provides the temporal 3 evacuation tone as a standard feature. When testing the 9123 Series it may take up to 16 seconds longer to go in or out of alarm.

Product Listings

  • BFP (City of Chicago)
  • MSFM Listing #1929
  • BS+A/MEA #285-91-E
  • CSFM #7257-569:117
  • UL 1730 and UL 217 Listed
  • CAN/ULC 552-02/553-02 (9000 Series Only)

Product Compliance

  • NFPA 72

9223 Series - Temporal 3 Piezo Sounder

Model Number Part Number Voltage Local 90dBA Piezo Integral 135°F Thermal Isolated 135°F Thermal Tandem Up To 12 Units Tandem Up To 6 Units Form A/C Contacts 9VDC Battery Back-Up
9223 917-0012-002 220VAC
9223T 917-0013-002 220VAC
9223H 917-0014-002 220VAC
9223F 917-0015-002 220VAC
9223TF 917-0017-002 220VAC
9223HF 917-0016-002 220VAC

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