Government facilities have always had to work within a budget. In the current economic climate, these budget constraints are tighter than ever before. Since it’s primarily tax dollars that are used for funding, every dollar has to be stretched as far as it can be. This sometimes results in the putting off of purchasing much needed products in favor of other more seemingly important ones. Where mostly all of our service contract customers are state and federal facilities, we have been working inside these parameters since the company was founded in 1989. Understanding that if it wasn’t in the budget for that year trying to get additional funding would be problematic at best, we would alleviate this issue by performing component level repairs (which most service companies won’t or CAN’T do) to make an old system stretch a few more years, utilizing customer electrical staff for certain projects to cut down on labor costs, or giving heavily discounted pricing on parts. Government entities that purchase from us can expect the following:

  • CCR-registered company with a long history of providing products and service to the government
  • Automatic acceptance of Purchase Orders from State and Federal Agencies
  • Quantity discounts on most product lines.
  • Online government account set up available that enables you to shop anytime of the day or night. All past online orders and invoices are saved within the online account for future review/printing. All invoices for manual (phone, fax, email) orders saved in our system indefinitely.
  • All Interstate Battery orders over $300.00 ship UPS Ground free of charge.
  • Same day response to quote and information requests.
  • Quotes honored at least 30 days from date of request (unless otherwise specified).
  • Automatic re-quote on estimates more than 30 days old.
  • Multiple payment options for ease of purchasing. (Purchase Order, Government or other Credit card, Paypal, Check, Money Order, Google Checkout, Amazon Checkout)
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