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Mier DA-660 Long Range Antenna
Mier DA-660 Long Range Antenna

Mier DA-660 Long Range Antenna

Manufacturer:Mier Products
Manufacturer Part#:DA-660
Our Part#:BW-DA660
Stock Status: Special Order (see our Special Orders policy)
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Feature 5


Special Order - May Require 5-7 Business Days to Ship (see our Special Orders policy)
Must be ordered at the same time as Drive-Alert System (factory installation required) or existing systems must be sent to the factory for retro-fitting.


  • When a monitored location is more than 1000' away, the DA-660 is the perfect accessory for the wireless Drive-Alert Vehicle Detection Systems
  • This antenna boosts the normal Drive-Alert range up to 1/2 mile (2,500')
  • The antenna measures 36" long, 13" wide, and 1.5" high. It weighs approximately 1 pound.
  • This is a FACTORY INSTALLED ACCESSORY due to the fact that some components must be changed on the control panel for long range applications
  • When ordering you must specify which Drive-Alert model you will be using.
  • Retro-fi ts must be shipped back to Mier Products for installation of the components needed for the long range antenna.


The DA-660 Long Range Antenna is designed to extend the reception range of the DA-600 series of wireless Drive-Alert control panels to 2,500 feet. The antenna must be installed at least 4 feet away from any wires, metal pipes, electric/phone/cable wires or metal walls. The antenna should be installed as high as possible, but at least 10 feet above ground level.


Weight 1.2 lbs.
Length 36" L x 13" W x 1.5" H
Frequency 434 mHz
Impedance 75 Ohms
Gain 10.6 dB
Type 7 element Yagi
The DA-660 antenna boosts the wireless Drive-Alert range up to 2500’ and in many cases up to 3000’! For use with Drive-Alert DA-600, DA-603, DA-604, and DA-605 wireless systems.

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