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NFPA 70, 7020SPL National Electrical Code (NEC) Spiralbound (2020)
NFPA 70, 7020SPL National Electrical Code (NEC) Spiralbound (2020)

NFPA 70, 7020SPL National Electrical Code (NEC) Spiralbound (2020)

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Keep the latest edition of NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, at your fingertips with the popular spiralbound NEC.

Be ready for the challenges of tomorrow, today, with the benchmark standard for electrical safety. The 2020 edition of NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code® (NEC®), provides the most current requirements for safe electrical practices for public and private buildings, homes and structures, outdoor yards and lots, utility equipment, installations that connect to the power grid, and consumer-owned power generation systems and equipment.

The spiralbound NEC comes with a coated protective cover and multiple rings to hold pages in place. An essential for busy electrical professionals looking to work safer and more efficiently, the sturdy spiralbound format opens flat for convenient access to the content you need to reference for your projects.

Get up to date with the code and informed on the safety challenges and hazards of new sources of electrical power.

The revised and enhanced NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, provides the most relevant information on safer and more effective electrical design, installation, and inspection, including provisions for grounding, wiring, equipment, and overcurrent protection.

The 2020 edition includes a variety of new and revised information addressing everything from limited energy and communication systems to worker safety, electric vehicles, and emerging energy systems.

Notable changes include:

  • New requirements for exterior emergency disconnects of one and two-family dwellings for improved electrical safety for emergency responders
  • Revisions to service disconnect rules to help protect electrical workers from arc flash hazards
  • Adapted and adjusted requirements for installation practices of new technologies to meet the evolving demand of power over Ethernet
  • Updates to modernize tables currently in use for calculations to reflect improvements in energy efficiency and align with evolving codes
  • Revised requirements for ground-fault protection within marinas and boatyards
  • Introduction of requirements for the safe use of electric vehicles (electric vehicle power export equipment) as a backup or emergency power source for a building or a home
  • Reorganization of Article 310, including new user-friendly numbering for important ampacity tables, and a new definition for cable bundle in Article 725
  • Relocation of surge protection device requirements to new Article 242
  • Revisions to alternative energy systems and electric vehicle requirements to clarify what portions of the PV system are covered by the provisions of Article 690 and the line side and load side connections of interconnected power supply sources, and to clearly distinguish energy storage systems from storage battery systems
  • Reorganization of Article 800 to provide a general set of requirements to apply throughout the Chapter 8 articles
  • Revisions to requirements for communications cables that are also carrying power to communication devices and revisions to the current limit for cables carrying power and data

The NEC, 2020 edition, introduces vital new requirements for:

  • The residential installation of receptacle outlets serving island and peninsular countertops and for surge protection of services supplying dwelling units
  • Working space for “housekeeping pads” for electrical equipment, the installation of wiring methods in exit enclosures, sizing supply and load conductors used with adjustable-speed drive systems, and AFCI protection of branch circuits in patient sleeping areas in care facilities
  • Calculating the load of electric vehicle supply equipment with variable current settings
  • Worker safety in identifying the source of power for disconnecting means and for egress from spaces containing large electrical equipment
  • Grounding of disconnecting means installed on the supply-side of service disconnecting means
  • Cables installed exposed on ceiling surfaces and sidewalls
  • Special occupancies, special equipment, and special conditions including installation of splash pads, the use of “Type P” cables in hazardous classified locations, and the reinspection of swimming pools and other bodies of water

Reference the requirements relevant for your work at your desk or in the field!

Incorporated by reference in all 50 states and used around the world, the NEC has been the quintessential resource for electrical work in residential, commercial, and industrial settings since first published in 1897. Keep pace with the rapidly changing and increasingly complex electrical industry by placing your order for the spiralbound NEC, 2020 edition, today. (Spiralbound, 901 pp., 2020)

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