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NTC Black Book - NICET Sprinkler Inspection & Testing
NTC Black Book - NICET Sprinkler Inspection & Testing

NTC Black Book - NICET Sprinkler Inspection & Testing

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The NTC Black Book is specifically designed for those studying for NICET Certification in fire sprinkler systems. This single book covers the Design certification (Water-Based System Layout) and Inspection and Testing certification (Inspection & Testing of Water-Based Systems).


    • The NTC Black Book is not permitted to be used as a reference during the exam
    • Covers NICET CBT (computer-based testing format)
    • The most valuable & complete reference for study
    • Covers NICET Level 1, 2, and 3 in Design (Layout) and Inspection & Testing
    • Includes helpful testing tips that will pay off on the test
    • Provides easy to follow instructions for reaching certification
    • Easy to read and use
    • Formatted so finding information is simple and quick
    • Sample test questions are included

    The NICET Application process can be complicated and daunting. The NTC Black Book takes the complexity out of the process and makes completing the application easy. This reference provides all of the information required for successfully completing this document.

    Studying for the exam is an overwhelming task. NICET recommends more than 40 codes and references for the test. With the NTC Black Book, you will not have to read all of the codes and references. The NTC Black Book streamlines this study process for you. All the critical information for every task is presented in a straightforward and easy-to-read format. Using the NTC Black Book as your study guide for the test will quickly get you prepared for certification.

    The NTC Black Book is the most valuable and complete reference for NICET testing. It contains a vast amount of information and is designed to make it quick and easy to find. Those who seek the increased professionalism of NICET Certification, also seek the best tool for the job: The NTC Black Book.

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