Space Age Electronics, PHB, Portable Firefighter Handset (Tip & Sleeve) Phone

Space Age Electronics, PHB, Portable Firefighter Handset (Tip & Sleeve) Phone

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  • Wide Spectral Output - UV, Visible, Near IR, Mid-IR
  • High impact red plastic handset
  • 12 inch Red coil cord expands to 6 feet
  • 1/4 inch Male plug: Black


The PH Series Portable Handsets are both supplied with 1/4 inch plugs and are designed to be used with the Infinity Series IAMFFPJAC as well as the SST Firefighter Phone Jacks. The PHB and PHR allow the firefighter to move from one location to another and still keep in contact with the Audio Evacuation System Command Center.

The PH Series is light and easy to carry from one location to another. These handsets are made from high impact plastic. They are small enough to be put in a coat pocket when on the go. Simply grab a phone from the handset cabinet (SSU00566/567 sold separately) and you are ready to plug into the building’s Audio Evacuation System.

The model PHB is a Tip and Sleeve connection with a built-in noise filter (Black Plug) and can only be used with SSU00560 Phone Jack while the PHR is a Tip and Ring connection without any filtering (Red Plug) and can use the IAMFFPJAC. The PHR and the IAMFFPJAC are UL Listed (UOXX.S2580 v4s2).

PHB, Portable Firefighter Handset (Tip & Sleeve) Phone

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