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Potter VSR-8, Vane-Type Waterflow Switch for 8-inch Steel Pipe, with Retard, SPDT Contact(s)
Potter VSR-8, Vane-Type Waterflow Switch for 8-inch Steel Pipe, with Retard, SPDT Contact(s)

Potter VSR-8, Vane-Type Waterflow Switch for 8-inch Steel Pipe, with Retard, SPDT Contact(s)

Manufacturer:Potter Electric
Manufacturer Part#:1144408
Our Part#:VSR-8
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Potter Electric







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Switch Type:Saddle-Type Flow Switch|Pipe Type:Steel|Nominal Pipe Size:8|Mounting Type:Saddle|Activation Type:Vane|Activation Delay (Retard):Yes|Contact Type:SPDT
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  • The industry's only non-corrosive insert in the saddle prevents water from coming
    in contact with any metal thus eliminating any possibility of corrosion
  • Field replaceable 0-90 second retard assembly
  • Visual Switch Activation
  • 450 PSI rating


The Model VSR is a vane type waterflow switch for use on wet sprinkler systems. It is UL Listed and FM Approved for use on steel pipe; schedules 10 through 40, sizes 2" thru 8" (50 mm thru 200 mm). LPC approved sizes are 2" thru 8" (50 mm thru 200 mm).

The VSR may also be used as a sectional waterflow detector on large systems. The VSR contains two single pole, double throw, snap action switches and an adjustable, instantly recycling pneumatic retard. The switches are actuated when a flow of 10 GPM (38 LPM) or more occurs downstream of the device. The flow condition must exist for a period of time necessary to overcome the selected retard period.

The VSR switches and retard device are enclosed in a general purpose, die-cast housing. The cover is held in place with two tamper resistant screws which require a special key for removal. A field-installable cover tamper switch is available as an option which may be used to indicate unauthorized removal of the cover.

Compatible Pipe/Installation Requirements

ModelNominal Pipe SizeNominal Pipe O.D.Pipe Wall ThicknessHole SizeU-Bolt Nuts Torque
Schedule 10 (UL)Schedule 40 (UL)BS-1387 (LPC)DN (VDS)
VSR-22DN502.37560.30.1092.770.1543.910.1423.60.0912.31.25 + .125/-.06233.0 ± 2.02027
VSR-2 1/22.5-2.87573.00.1203.050.2035.16----
VSR-2 1/2-DN653.00076.1----0.1423.60.1022.6
VSR-33DN803.50088.90.1203.050.2165.490.1574.00.1142.92.00 ± .12550.8 ± 2.0
VSR-3 1/23.5-4.000101.60.1203.050.2265.74----
The Potter model VSR-8 is a vane-type saddle flow switch with retard and SPDT contact(s), designed for use with 8-inch steel pipe.

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