SDi CELL03 cellChecker, Pulse Load Lead Acid Battery Tester (up to 200AH)

SDi CELL03 cellChecker, Pulse Load Lead Acid Battery Tester (up to 200AH)

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The CELLPAC no longer contains a Magnet!

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  • Computes State of Charge for lead acid battery types (SLA,AGM, Gel, Flooded)
  • Tests battery condition - quickly and easily identifies weak or failing batteries
  • Simple to operate, genuine Pulse Load testing with test results in 15 seconds
  • Tests 2-volt, 4-volt, 6-volt, 8-volt or 12-volt batteries up to 200AH
  • Measures battery performance under load, not just voltage or internal resistance
  • Ideal for battery management and cell matching - reduce costs and increase reliability
  • Made and serviced in the USA

Why Pulse Load Battery Testing?

Battery voltage alone is not a reliable parameter for determining remaining capacity and condition; it also does not indicate whether the battery will be able to deliver power when placed under load. Rather than simply displaying a voltage reading, cellchecker determines a battery's remaining power capacity by measuring its ability to maintain voltage levels while under load. The tester then makes an assessment based on these readings and displays the remaining percentage capacity of the battery.

Pulse load testers verify that a battery can deliver power by actually making it deliver power. The duration and repetition of the load test cycle varies depending on the battery type being tested. Factors that are considered when determining the size and duration of the pulse load are battery design (high rate or low rate), battery chemistry, and the battery's typical application. This helps ensure that the power demand on the battery during the pulse load test will be comparable to what the battery experiences under normal operation conditions.

Ideal for testing fire and security alarm systems. Using pulse load technology, it provides a comprehensive test of a battery's state of charge and condition


Testing Capabilities (modes) 2-volt [2-25AH]
4-volt [2-25AH]
6-volt [1-4AH, 5-15AH, 16-50AH, 20-100AH, 50-200AH]
8-volt [2-20AH, 20-100AH]
12-volt [1-4AH, 5-15AH, 16-50AH, 20-100AH, 50-200AH]
Power (internal) 4 x AA batteries (not included)
Auto shut-off After 20 minutes w/o test activity
Display 8 LEDs - colors green, yellow, red
Pulse Load Magnitude varies according to battery type. Test duration: Approximately 15 seconds.
Test Leads 48" rubber coated lead wire, solid copper clamps, R/A sheathed banana plugs
Dimensions 9.25 x 6.25 x 2.00 inches
Weight Approximately 32 oz (908 g)
The CELL03 provides a comprehensive means of testing the state of charge or state of power for over 15 different battery types. Using pulse load technology it is able to accurately determine a battery's percentage of remaining capacity.
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5 Stars
I reecently purchased the Cellchecker tester. I have used it over the last two weeks and am very satisfied with the unit.
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Reviewed by:  from Colorado Springs, CO. on 2/19/2014
5 Stars
FPS finds SDi Cell03 cell checker very handy!
Nice piece of test equipment. Used the original for three years and we liked it so much we purchased a second unit.
Did you find this helpful?  4 of 6 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Ithaca New York. on 9/26/2013
5 Stars
Awesome Product
This is a great product.
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Reviewed by:  from South Florida. on 8/26/2010

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