How crazy has the weather been? I am writing this and Anchorage Alaska is warmer than my home in Massachusetts... Call it the effects of global Warming or Environmental Change, it is all a part of the Greenhouse Effect blamed on aerosols.

We use plenty of aerosols in the Fire Alarm World, not the least of which is for the testing of smoke detectors with cans and cans of aerosol smoke (which is getting greener and greener itself as time marches on).

One place we can make a significant contribution to the clearing of our air is to not use cans of compressed air (which have to use propellants just like all aerosols) and use a tool that creates a jet of air sufficient to clear the labyrinth of any smoke detector.

That tool is the SDi CYC01, Cyclone Can-less Air System. Not only is this an environmentally sound choice (and one that looks good in an advertisement since going Green is the "Way to Go"...) it is a economic No Brainer!!!!!

Let's do the math...

The Cyclone is capable of 15 minutes of continuous use per charge, equal to 24 cans of compressed air.

The cyclone is capable of being re-charged 500 times before it begins to show any degradation in the battery life.

So, if we bought enough compressed air to match the optimum life of the Cyclone, we would need 12,000 cans of compressed air (24 cans times 500 charges)!

Now how much do you pay for compressed air? Let's use $4.20, the cost of our BLOWout compressed air....

Cyclone Cost $130.34 (if you buy the Holster with it)

BLOWout Cost $50,400.00 (12,000 cans at $4.20 each and I didn't add freight)

Oh yeah, one final piece of math if I may, your savings equal $50,269.66.

How much is that Van you want to put the Cyclone in?

Stay tuned for more ways to save time and money with ...