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SDI SOLO365 Electronic Smoke Testing Kit
SDI SOLO365 Electronic Smoke Testing Kit

SDI SOLO365 Electronic Smoke Testing Kit

Manufacturer Part#:SOLO365
Our Part#:SOLO365
Stock Status: 24-48 Hour Lead Time
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Product Type:Test Kit|Detection Type:Smoke|Intended Use:Commercial/Industrial


  • Compatible with all smoke detectors
  • Compatible with Solo access poles
  • Non-hazardous cartridges (instead of aerosol cans) allows for easier storage and transportation
  • Detector friendly smoke, generated on-demand, eliminates the risk of detector contamination.
  • Easier handling – 15% lighter than aerosol can and dispenser
  • "Auto-start" - proximity sensor automatically initiates test
  • "Delayed start" mode - for non-standard detectors and ASD testing
  • Flexible head - easy testing of hard-to-access detectors
  • LED Auto-light - for testing in dark areas
  • Clearing mode – for eliminating re-alarms

Solo 365 takes everything expected from a Solo product, pairs it with the very latest technology and wraps it in a new modern slim-line design. It's lighter to use, quicker to test, suitable for more applications and almost impossible to over-apply.

Engineered to be compatible with the increasing number of sophisticated detectors now available, Solo 365 also overcomes the regulatory issues associated with pressurized aerosol canisters.

Accessories designed for use with this product - To add any of these accessories to your order, simply fill in the quantity you want and click the large "Add to Cart" button above
SDi SOLO 100, Telescopic Pole, 4.8 - 14.9 feet, 4 Sections
Average Rating(0)
24-48 Hour Lead Time
SDi SOLO 108, Telescopic Pole, 4 - 7.2 feet, 2 Sections
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24-48 Hour Lead Time
SDI SOLO372, ASD Adapter for SOLO365
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24-48 Hour Lead Time

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