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Silent Knight SD500-ANM Addressable Notification Module
Silent Knight SD500-ANM Addressable Notification Module

Silent Knight SD500-ANM Addressable Notification Module

Manufacturer:Silent Knight
Manufacturer Part#:SD500-ANM
Our Part#:SD500-ANM
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Silent Knight







Feature 5



  • Class A (Style Z) or Class B (Style Y) Notification Circuit.
  • Flexible programming - choose the cadence pattern (sixteen standard & four user-defined).
  • Polling LED visible through cover plate
  • UL listed, complies with NFPA 72.
  • Adds up to 127 independent output circuits on each SLC loop.
  • One auxiliary power source input.
  • Completely supervised.


The SD500-ANM gives you the flexibility to add notification circuits wherever you need them. The SD500-ANM is a supervised addressable notification device that provides you with additional notification circuits on the IntelliKnight's SLC loop. Controlled by the SLC loop up to 127 SD500-ANM modules can be used on an SLC loop. The SD500-ANM provides a reverse polarity Class A or Class B notification appliance circuit with an aux power input. Each SD500-ANM is provided power from a separate power supply and is controlled by the main panel. Power can be provided near the signaling appliance to reduce the wire gauge requirements or power can come from a main power supply and be controlled separately by the individual notification modules. All of the panels 20 notification patterns can be produced by the SD500-ANM.

The SD500-ANM is an Addressable Notification Module for use with the IntelliKnight fire alarm control panel. The SD500-ANM provides a single class A or B circuit that is controlled by the IntelliKnight's Signaling Line Circuit. Power for the circuit is provided to the SD500-ANM module from a separate power supply, making it easy to power remote devices. The notification circuit, remote power and communication to the SD500-ANM are supervised by the Intelliknight control panel.


Each notification module is programmed with a unique SLC loop address. When an event that controls the notification module occurs. the notification switches its' built-in relay feeding power from the auxiliary power input to the notification appliance.


Operating Voltage:
24 VDC

SLC Current:
.55 mA

Ambient Temperature:
32°F to 120°F (0°C TO 49°C)

Ambient Temperature:
32°F to 100°F (0°C to 37°C)

4-square electrical box.

Aux. Power Current:
Alarm: 56 mA
Standby: 6 mA

Notification Appliance Current Rating:
2 Amps Maximum

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