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Space Age SSU00689 SRD, SRD Box w/USB Micro & USB-C, Red
Space Age SSU00689 SRD, SRD Box w/USB Micro & USB-C, Red

Space Age SSU00689 SRD, SRD Box w/USB Micro & USB-C, Red

Manufacturer:Space Age Electronics
Manufacturer Part#:SSU00689
Our Part#:SSU00689
Stock Status: In Stock
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Space Age Electronics







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  • NEW!! USB-Micro and USB-C Connections, Both in one unit!
  • Installed with a minimum 8GB digital flash drive
  • 2 key ring hooks to hold system keys
  • Business card holder for key contacts
  • Overall dimensions are 12" x 13" tall and 2 1/4" deep
  • 18 gauge steel box and cover for security
  • Durable powder coat baked-on finish - other colors available
  • Standard 3/4" cat 30 key lock - other lock assemblies available
  • Solid stainless steel piano hinge
  • Permanently screened white ink 1" high "SYSTEM RECORD DOCUMENTS"
  • Legend sheet for documentation, passwords and system information

The SRD is the perfect item to help you meet demanding code requirements today. NFPA 72 2013 states that a cabinet must be "prominently labeled ?SYSTEM RECORD DOCUMENTS?".

SAE's number one goal is to manufacture code compliant solutions and this product allows you to do just that. NFPA 72 2013 states, "With every new system, a documentation cabinet shall be installed at the system control unit or other approved location at the protected premises."

This durable 16 gauge steel enclosure with a solid piano hinge and key lock will keep all of your code required documents in one safe place. With a 4GB USB flash drive it stores your fire alarm software safe and secure eliminating the occurrences of the software not being on site when technicians arrive to service the system. Along with your fire alarm software you can store your test & inspection, service records, manuals and system records. Using a standard "USB-Micro" or "USB-C" connector you may also store you records electronically (See NFPA 72 2013

The SRD has designated hooks to organize key rings and hold important business cards for easy access and reference. Inside the cover it has an organized record for identifying equipment information, required documentation locations (See NFPA 72 2013 7.2.1).

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