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 SC-311/C/R Timing Relay with Selectable Delay, 5A, 1-Position, Red Enclosure
SC-311/C/R Timing Relay with Selectable Delay, 5A, 1-Position, Red Enclosure

SC-311/C/R Timing Relay with Selectable Delay, 5A, 1-Position, Red Enclosure

Manufacturer:Air Products & Controls
Manufacturer Part#:SC-311/C/R
Our Part#:SC-311/C/R
Stock Status: In Stock
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Relay Type:Timing|Contact Type:Specialty|Contact Rating:5A|Input Voltage:12VAC,12VDC,24VAC,24VDC|# of Positions:1|Enclosure Type:Red Enclosure


  • Control input voltage choices of 12 or 24VAC/VDC
  • DC type control inputs are polarized for use in supervised circuits
  • Timing mode choices of "Delay On" (delay relay on operation) or "Delay Off" (automatic relay shut down)
  • Time units of measure selection for seconds or minutes
  • Timing increment choices of 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds; or 2, 5, 10 or 15 minutes
  • Accurate microprocessor digital timing to 1/1,000,000th of a second
  • All programming choices are easily field configured or re-configured without special tools
  • Dual color LED status indicator yields "No-Tools" diagnostics; green for timer active and red for relay energized
  • On board 5A dry form "C" (SPDT) contact for direct load switching and reverse logic functionality
  • "/C" versions mounted in sturdy enclosures with LED viewing port(s)
  • "/C/R" versions with red covers for NYC and other uses
  • "/T" versions come complete with track and mounting hardware - track is pre-configured for an optional DIN/"A" series rail mounting clip (TK-CL)
  • Comprehensive selection of Listings and Approvals


The SC-310 Series Timing Relay modules provide convenient, programmable timing control functionality for a large range of applications. The module may be easily field configured (and re-configured) on demand for control input voltage type, timer delay modes, time measurement units and timing increments.

The SC-310 incorporates an extremely accurate microprocessor-based digital timing circuit for repeatable reliability and long life. In addition, each module includes a dual color LED, which provides visual status of control input voltage, timer circuitry activation and relay contact state. Automatic timer reset is accomplished by simply removing and/or momentarily interrupting the control input voltage. Timing relays may be used in cascaded and paralleled configurations (and/or matrixes of both) for nearly endless custom application functionality. The SC-310 Series Timing Relay is suitable for Fire Alarm, Security, Access Control, CCTV, HVAC, Industrial Process Control, Energy Management, Lighting Control and general purpose applications.


Part No Module Positions Track Mounted
H x W x D
Enclosure Mounted
H x W x D
Cover Material
SSU-SC-311/C1 5.13" (131mm)
3.13" (80mm)
2.50" (64mm)
Grey ABS 94V-0 Plastic
SSU-SC-311/C/RRed ABS 94V-0 Plastic
SSU-SC-311/T3.50" (89mm) x 2.13" (54mm) x 1.50" (38mm)   
SSU-SC-314/C4 5.13" (131mm)
9.50" (241mm)
2.50" (64mm)
Plated 18ga CRS
SSU-SC-314/C/RRed 18ga CRS
SSU-SC-314/T3.50" (89mm) x 8.50" (215mm) x 1.50" (38mm)   

*UOXX (UL864) = Control Unit Accessories, System; 2=Component; 7=Certified for Canada
*UUKL (UL864) = Smoke Control System Equipment, System; 2=Component
*NMTR (UL508) = Miscellaneous Apparatus, System; 2=Component
*PAZX (UL916) = Energy Management Equipment, System; 2=Component
*UEHX (UL2017) = General Purpose Signaling Devices and Systems, System; 2=Component

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