STI 34752, Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector

STI 34752, Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector

Manufacturer Part#:STI-34752
Our Part#:STI-34752-2
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Feature 5


Use the Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector with your 4-Channel or 8-Channel Wireless Receiver.

The Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector Alert lets you know when the sensor detects movement in a monitored area. When motion is detected, the device sends a wireless radio signal to an indoor STI receiver (operates up to 1000'), which lets you know someone has arrived. If the supervised transmitter is removed from the door, stolen, loses signal or battery is low, the receiver will produce a single beep once a minute. Sensor uses one 3 volt lithium battery (included), with an average life of 5 years in normal use. To conserve battery, when sensor is tripped it will not activate for three minutes.

The STI-34751 is water and weather resistant for outdoor use.

The STI 34752-2 is designed to work with STI Wireless Receivers, as an outdoor motion detector alerting receiver when motion is detected in a protected area.

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