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System Sensor CO1224TR 4-wire Round CO Detector w/RealTest Technology
System Sensor CO1224TR 4-wire Round CO Detector w/RealTest Technology

System Sensor CO1224TR 4-wire Round CO Detector w/RealTest Technology

Manufacturer:System Sensor
Manufacturer Part#:CO1224TR
Our Part#:CO1224TR
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System Sensor







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Detection Type:Carbon Monoxide|Product Type:Detector|Input Voltage:24VDC|Intended Use:Commercial/Industrial,Residential|Connection Type:System|Product Status:Current|Battery Backup:No

Don't forget to buy CO Test Spray, Part Number 2S-SOLOC6

Wouldn't it be great to know for certain that every carbon monoxide (CO) detector you install is offering the protection it promises? Testing the mechanical and electronic components of a CO detector is easy. But testing the CO sensing cell? That hasn't been possible. Until now.

Introducing a true first - RealTest™

The CO1224T detector from System Sensor now offers RealTest: a true functional carbon monoxide test - the first of its kind. Now, with a simple short spray, you can test the sensing cell to be assured that it is doing its job.


  • RealTest technology allows installer to test detector with CO gas
  • Full compliance with UL 2075
  • A code required trouble relay
  • Wiring supervision with SEMS terminals
  • A six year end-of-life timer
  • 12/24 VDC
  • A current draw of 20mA in standby and 40mA in alarm
  • Versatile mounting for wall and ceiling
  • Electrochemical sensing technology
  • Optional CO-PLATE CO Detector Replacement Plate to upgrade previously installed competitor detectors to the CO1224T


With RealTest technology, the CO gas sensing cell used in the CO1224T and CO1224TR CO detectors can be tested using a CO gas agent, fully meeting the requirements of NFPA 720: 2009. Simply put the detector into RealTest mode, spray a small amount of CO into the detector per the installation instructions, and within seconds the detector will alarm, indicating successful gas entry. (See the user manual for complete instructions.)

When dangerous amounts of CO are detected, the CO1224T and CO1224TR detectors alert residents by sounding and flashing a temp 4 signal alarm. With 24/7 central station monitoring, residents are guaranteed protection whether they are away from home, sleeping, or already suffering from the effects of CO.

The CO1224T and CO1224TR are designed for system operation. These detectors are fully listed to UL 2075 and offer a code-required trouble relay to send a sensor failure or end-of-life signal to the control panel and the central station. The CO1224T and CO1224TR also use SEMS-type terminal Philips head screws for quicker and more positive wiring connections and code-requir

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