Top Sellers

EClips Elock-FA
E Series Fire Lockout Kit

Kidde KN KA-F2 AC
Plug-In Adapter for Retro-Fit
from Firex to Kidde

Space Age SSU PAM-1, 
Multi-Voltage Series Relay, 
10A,SPDT, Encapsulated Enclosure

Gentex 9123, P/E Smoke Detector,
120VAC w/Temporal 3 Alarm, 
9V Backup

STI 6400 Exit Door Alarm,
Exit Stopper

STI 13000NC, Universal Stopper 
without Horn Housing,
Flush-Mount, Clear Cover

STI 1100 Pull Station 
Cover with Horn

Apollo 55000-650APO,
XP95A Photo-Electric Smoke Detector

Space Age SSU00672
Electronics FDB, Fire Alarm
Documents Box