TVSS Devices (Surge Protection)

Consider Eclips Brand TVSS Devices

Aside from user-error, over-voltage and dirty power are the greatest cause of false alarms. These two issues are also primary contributors to system degradation, disruption and destruction. Eclips Surge Protection Devices help reduce false alarms and add longevity to equipment life.

Hybrid Technology
Eclips' unique combination of surge components are robust and self-restoring. They are designed to provide ideal protection from all types of over-voltage/amperage threats to the sensitive electronics.

  • Gas Tubes and Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) provide high energy capability which increase strength
  • Silicon Avalanche Diodes (SAD) provide tighter over-voltage clamp levels which increase performance
  • Positive Temperature Coefficients (PTC) limit current to enhance the level of protection
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