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WES Service & Repair Center


Our Program includes:
  • Cleaning and testing and calibration of all WES units
  • Battery testing and replacement
  • Smoke / Heat Detector Maintenance
  • Damaged Detectors/Strobes/Call Points replaced
  • Firmware Updates Performed
  • Activated and meshed together to ensure wireless communication
  • Each unit’s Memory Log uploaded and recorded

Per unit initial Testing and Inspection $25.00 Includes the following to all received units:
  • Testing of Battery Condition
  • Testing of Unit Functionality
  • Communication to Mesh Network
  • Recording of the Unit’s Log


Repair/Replacement of parts will be noted and a quote sent with test results and for any parts and labor required. You have made the commitment to protect your employees and the other trades on your construction site, we are equally committed to keeping you up and running without missing a beat.